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Mild Steel Cabinets

Extingui-Mate protects extinguishers from damage, tampering and theft, both indoors and outdoorse

A rubber seal keeps out dust and water.
The cabinet has an UV stabilised, ultra high impact clear acylic front, white UV stabilised ABS back and corrosion resistant polypropylene hinges. Transparency enables insant inspection of the service record, and promotes equipment awareness.

There are two cabinet sizes: 9.5kg and 4.5kg. A twist-to-break Extingui-Seal, each of which is uniquely numbered, and optional alarm increase security.

Mild Steel Cabinets

Double Door Hose Reel Cabinet

Double Door Hose Reel Cabinet


Fire Extinguisher Cabinet

Fire extinguisher cabinet allows you to hide an unsightly extinguisher in plain sight for safety. These high quality cabinets feature solid construction. .


Battery Operated Smoke Detector

Sliding Door Hose Reel Cabinet

Sliding Door Hose Reel Cabinet 7.5kg


Hinged Door Cabinet

Product Number FB001 / FB014 Spec 4.5 - 9 KG

Hinged Door Cabinet

UV Cabinets for Equipment.

UV Resistant Plastic Cabinets.

Standard and Extended Coverage Sprinklers & Nozzles for various configurations

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