Vuka Nathi FPS can assist you in ensuring that your premises is ready for any situation. Apart from procuring, servicing and maintaining your on-site fire fighting equipment, we also provide training for your staff on how to use all the various fire prevention equipment and hose reels.


Knowledge is power, and Vuka Nathi FPS’s continuous emphasis on protection of lives and property, we stay on top of industry trends and continuously train our own staff to ensure that we comply with Fire Prevention regulations.


Did you know that you can be held legally liable in the event of a fire, if your fire equipment is not up to standard? Team up with Vuka Nathi FPS with a maintenance contract and we will ensure that your premises is compliant with the necessary equipment and knowledge in case of a fire. We provide detailed site reports to our clients when servicing and maintaining equipment, to give you peace of mind.


Our clients trust us to ensure that they remain fire protection compliant, from Corporate Offices, Office Parks and Complexes, to individual homes, we know how to help you safeguard your property against fire destruction.




We can supply our clients with the following services:


Our product range also

includes the supply, installation and maintenance of:


Fire panels

Optical smoke detectors

Heat detectors

Sounders & strobes

Sprinkler Systems

Fire Related Plumbing

Sprinkler Pumps

Storage Tanks

All other fire related equipment



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